100% Hand-made Pure Beeswax Candles Made in Canada. Honey Candles® Ltd is a small business owned by Roy and Leah Honkanen. They work together every day and still enjoy each other’s friendship as they ski, camp and hike together and spend precious time with their daughters and their families. They are a team.

Beeswax Candles are non-hazardous , they clean the air as they burn. They help to keep the air purer, cleaner and fresher. Beeswax Candles create a similar effect as houseplants.

The beeswax comes from bees. The wax is made by the worker bees inside the hive. The worker bees eat honey and then excrete the wax out of glands on their abdomens to construct the honeycomb that serves as the home where the queen, honey, worker and baby bees live.

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