How to Take Care of Your Leather Jewelry

How to Take Care of Your Leather Jewelry

To make sure that the jewelry last you have to learn how to take care of your leather jewelry. All jewelry items are valuable and elegant and they must be kept save and carefully maintained. We all know that cleaning and maintaining jewelry is challenging but in order to ensure that the jewelry items will last longer and look fresh taking the time take care of them is imperative.

Leather jewelry is an extremely versatile material, capable of being fashioned into some of the most breathtaking and elaborate pieces of jewelry. From simple necklace cords, to uniquely embossed cabochons, earrings, and more. Well taken care of leather jewelry can last decades, or even centuries. The following are some simple tips  to learn  how to  take care of your leather jewelry and help keep them looking as beautiful as the day you first wore them.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Jewelry

Proper Storage

Dust can be very damaging to leather jewelry, which means keeping it as far away from dust is a priority for storage. When storing leather jewelry it should be kept in its own container, and away from other jewelry, especially if it they are metal. The simplest example is to use plastic baggies to keep leather away from other jewelry pieces when they are stored in the same jewelry box as other items.

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Keep Moisture Away

Moisture of all kinds can be extremely harmful to leather jewelry. Even a single outing in the rain can cause leather to loose the look it is so loved for. It is important to keep leather jewelry away from water and other forms of moisture, such as perfumes and lotions. There are several good sealants on the market that can be used to help keep leather from being water damaged, as well as keep it supple.

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Cleaning Properly

If something is spilled on leather jewelry, such as makeup, lotion, food, or anything else that has liquid components in it, there is a chance that is can soak into it and potentially stain it. Cleaning leather jewelry properly means acting quickly and smartly. Wipe off messes quickly and never use an oil based cleaner. Get the leather jewelry to a professional cleaner as soon as possible. One of the biggest mistakes leather jewelry owners make is trying to clean their leather pieces without proper knowledge and experience in doing so.

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In Summary

Taking care of your leather jewelry is fairly simple, though it does require some diligence. Keep your leather jewelry stored properly, preferably within its own flannel or other cloth sack, or even in a plastic bag if necessary. Dust is a serious issue with leather, though water and moisture are its biggest enemies.

Keep leather jewelry off during times of extreme perspiration or exposure to high humidity, such rain and sauna settings. Only use leather appropriate cleaning products or have pieces that become soiled cleaned by a professional. By providing the proper storage as well as protecting the leather jewelry can be kept for many years without damage.

Do you know any other ways on how to take care of  your leather  jewelry? Please, leave a comment below!.

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