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Travel Gifts: 8 Great Gifts for the Traveler

What do you get someone who loves traveling the world? Surely, the best gift would be something that fits in with their daily habits. Today, we are going to give you a list of 8 great travel gifts ideas for the traveler …

List of Travel Gifts

Number 1 – Dry Bags

dry bags

Oh yes, dry bags would definitely be appreciated. These bags will take the hassle out of packing and will help maximize space. Dry bags will also help keep clothes clean and dry, is one of the best travel gifts. There are some pretty stylish bags that are currently on the market.

Number 2- Manicure Setmanicure set

While on the road, both men and women need to take care of themselves and they cannot forget about their nails. With that in mind, a manicure set would make a great gift for a traveler. A manicure set usually consists of a nail cleaner, scissors for cutting nails and in some cases, there may be a stick that is used to push the cuticles of the nail back.

Number 3 – Solid Perfume

Everyone likes to smell good, correct? Perfume is always a great idea, even for travelers. Many times, solid perfumes are molded into small boxes that can easily be placed inside a purse.

Number 4 – Can Opener Key Chain

can opener key chain

As a traveler, losing a can opener is common. Picture this, you’re in the middle of nowhere and all you have to eat is can food. Yet, despite it all, you can’t seem to find that can opener. You may have left it in your kitchen! Go ahead, help your friend skip this mistake by buying them a can opener key chain – this way, as long as they have their keys, they will have a can opener.

Number 5 –Stemless Wine Glass

If the individual you are buying a gift for just so happens to love wine and travelling, then a stemless wine glass would surely fit into the picture. Stemless wine glasses are designed with a flat base and do not have that annoying stem. Since there is no stem, packing them will be easier.

Number 6 – Silicone Water Bottle

Every traveler needs to have a silicone water bottle to keep their liquid in. Sillicone water bottles are safer alternatives to plastic bottles and make a great gift for travelers.

Number 7 – Roll Up Compact Table

While camping, one could use a nice roll up compact table. These tables are portable, easy to carry and can be conveniently stored. Most compact tables can be assembled in only a matter of minutes, with no tools required.

Number 8 – LED Tent Lamp

Have you ever been in a tent at night, wishing you had a tent lamp because you can’t seem to find your flashlight? For the average traveler, an LED tent lamp would make the perfect gift, especially if they don’t already have one.

Those are 8 travel gifts ideas for the traveler in your life. The next time you plan on buying a gift for an individual (or family) who enjoys traveling, make sure you take this travel gifts list into consideration.

What other great ideas you have in your mind for travelers? Please share your best travel gifts ideas below.


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