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8 Feng Shui Gifts to Enhance Your Friends’ Home

Today, we are going to give you a list of 8 feng shui gifts that can enhance your friends’ home. If your friend is into feng shui, then surely, a gift that has something to do with feng shui would be a good idea. Of course, if you don’t know much about it, it’ll be hard to pick out a gift – that is where we come into play.

8 Feng Shui Gifts to Enhance Your Friends’ Home

A Dragon Turtle

A dragon turtle is a favourable feng shui gift, because it is said to cure bad energies in the home. In return, this enhances the chance of good health. The dragon turtle symbolizes longevity and if you get one that has a blue ribbon, it symbolizes good health. The dragon turtle should be displayed in the health sector of a bedroom of living room.


For business people and students, the Abacus would make a great gift. This is a useful tool for those who are looking to excel in mathematics, physics, economics or accounting. This tool is known for enhancing the ability to be more nimble when it comes to numbers.

Some Feng Shui Schools use the abacus as a protection. Instead of mirroring back any bad energy to someone else, the abacus is used to create a symbolic forest in front of your house for protection.

Three Legged Frog

A three-frog statute symbolizes money that comes from an unknown source. For the ultimate benefits, the statue should be placed at the entrance.

Foo Dogs

No feng shui collection is complete without a pair of foo dogs – these have become a favourite of decorators throughout the world, but their history dates back to ancient China. Foo dogs are used to add protection to the home.

Five Elements of Pagoda

The 5 elements of Pagoda consists of: Metal Element, Wood Element, Water Element, Fire Element and Earth Element. It represents longevity, affluence and harmony. The Five Element Pagoda is a great solution for the deadly five yellow star, which brings financial loss, accidents and severe problems. It is also great for dissolving the black star, also referred to as the “Sickness Star,” which brings illnesses to the occupants.

The Mongoose

The mongoose is said to spout jewels and gems from its mouth. The mongoose is said to enhance good fortune. The mongoose can be used by anyone from working adults, students and business owners. The mongoose can be places on the desk, on the conference table or at the study table.

Feng Shui Mirrors

Feng Shui mirrors are mirrors that have been created to enhance an individual’s positive view of their life and themselves. A feng shui mirror would make a great gift for a woman – these are symbols of positive nature and self-realization.

Metal Wind Chimes

metal wind chimesMetal wind chimes are the best Feng shui gifts – they are one of Feng Shui’s best remedies. They bring aid in a variety of forms – from suppressing energy to lifting chi from troubled areas. For the ultimate benefits, the metal wind chimes should be place din the west, NW and north (if your friend is familiar with Feng Shui, they will already know this).

There you have it – metal wind chimes, feng shui mirrors, foo dogs, the mongoose, 5 elements of pagoda, a dragon turtle, three-legged from and abacus – all of those make great feng shui gifts.

Do know more feng shui gifts you can give to your friends?. Please share them with us!!

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